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vintage pans from Patrick Sutton Home

If I had a larger kitchen, I would want to buy these vintage pans from Patrick Sutton Home in Baltimore. They were originally used to cook over an open flame, but Patrick Sutton is selling them as a set to hang on your kitchen walls. It’s a fun idea that could also be a great conversation starter too.

vintage pans from Patrick Sutton Home 2

Got any good kitchen decoration ideas? Share them in the comments section.

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Children's books as wall art

Have you ever thought of displaying children’s books as wall art?

With their bright colors and whimsical drawings, children’s books make a fun (and I hope engaging) decoration in a child’s room when they are displayed outward on shelves. So, on a small wall between two windows, white shelves filled with books have become a focal point in our baby’s room. We like the idea so much, we may hang shelves in our living room to show off the covers of our adult books.

(A big thanks to Kenny and my mom for hanging the shelves. They were using power tools and, because I am not at all handy, I also wasn’t at all helpful with this project.)

Right now we’re displaying the few children’s books that we own. But we’ll order more today. In addition to Ezra Jack Keats’ The Snowy Day – my absolute favorite book as a child – we have some children’s food books on the list, at least two of which include recipes that you can make with your kids.

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Making an herb planter box

The best way to ensure you’re using fresh herbs in your cooking is to grow your own. I’ve cut fresh herbs from my parents’ plants before, but they start to wilt or get too moist only a day or two after I’ve brought them home.

The good news for garden novices like me is that making an herb planter box is incredibly easy. With my mom’s help, I made three boxes using a 24″ wooden planter box, a plastic window box liner with holes in the bottom for drainage, potting soil, a small garden shovel, and some favorite fresh herbs (in this case, rosemary, basil, thyme, and chives).

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Reinventing an old dresser

Picking a changing table was the most difficult decision we had to make about the baby’s room. We could borrow one from a family friend. We could buy a new one, even though the baby would only use it for a year.

Eventually we decided to repaint an dresser from my old bedroom set, which my parents bought for me when I was seven. For the last few years, it has been stored in my grandmother’s basement under a flowered sheet in the corner.

I forgot to take a “before” picture of the dresser, but picture brown wood with tarnished handles. With some acrylic paint, sandpaper, and new knobs, we tried to create a brightly-colored, vintage-looking dresser that would double as a changing table.

This reinvented dresser from Apartment Therapy was our inspiration.

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