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Vanilla bean buttermilk cupcakes with rich chocolate frosting

Since I am currently reading Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life – and writing her food blogger fan mail – I decided it was only appropriate that I also try one of her recipes. Kenny and I finished our six-week childbirth class on Sunday, and I wanted to make a dessert to celebrate. With this also being the week that the baby hit 37 weeks (full term!), as well as the end of the WordCount Blogathon, there were quite a few other reasons to celebrate too.

Flipping through the A Homemade Life, I came across an easy recipe for vanilla bean buttermilk cake. Served with glazed oranges and creme fraiche, Molly’s cake is a bit sophisticated, the type of dessert you’d serve at a proper dinner party. It sounded delicious, but I wanted a cake that was more sloppy and decadent.

So I made the vanilla bean buttermilk cake into cupcakes, and whipped together a deep chocolate frosting to top them off. This frosting is closer to a ganache than a buttercream with a deep chocolate flavor. It’s thick and runny too, a glossy icing that I spooned over the top of the cupcakes and let run down the sides and onto a cookie sheet in messy brown waves.

These cupcakes are kind of like pregnancy, I think – a bit messy along the way, but with an end result that’s worth it.

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