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Making an herb planter box

The best way to ensure you’re using fresh herbs in your cooking is to grow your own. I’ve cut fresh herbs from my parents’ plants before, but they start to wilt or get too moist only a day or two after I’ve brought them home.

The good news for garden novices like me is that making an herb planter box is incredibly easy. With my mom’s help, I made three boxes using a 24″ wooden planter box, a plastic window box liner with holes in the bottom for drainage, potting soil, a small garden shovel, and some favorite fresh herbs (in this case, rosemary, basil, thyme, and chives).

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Purple Basil, Opal Basil

Wandering through the Farmers’ Market yesterday, I saw bunches of purple basil stacked neatly on a table full of leafy green vegetables.  I’d only ever had green basil before, so I was curious. “What does purple basil taste like?” I asked the woman behind the table.

“It tastes a lot like regular basil,” she said. “I think it may have a stronger flavor, but that just may be because of the color.”  I like to experiment so I bought a bunch.

As the woman behind the counter packed my basil in a plastic bag, a young woman next to me chimed in. “It tastes like purple,” she said laughing. I’ve never been the first person to get a joke, but I think this may have been one.  So I smiled good naturedly, even though I didn’t understand the punchline, and decided to research purple basil at home.

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