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Cheese Blintzes, Martha Stewart

I’m not a fan of farmer’s cheese. I love the idea of it because it is popular in Poland, and I am Polish and I have Polish pride.

But the taste? Not so much. I like my cheese to be bold. I want salt and I want intense flavor. I wouldn’t reach for a slice of, say, mozzarella because it’s too mild. But next to farmer’s cheese, mozzarella looks like aged Parmesan.

In the past I described farmer’s cheese as a less-salty version of feta, but that’s not accurate. It’s sour, like plain yogurt, and soft. It’s also a bit firmer than cottage cheese. In fact, farmer’s cheese was once cottage cheese – it’s curds were simply drained longer to remove more water from the final product.

Still, I would never want to eat farmer’s cheese (or cottage cheese, for that matter) on its own.

But in these blintzes? It’s lovely. With sugar and raisins folded into the batter, the blintzes are sweet patties that smell like French toast when they’re frying. When cooked, the texture is dense, as if flour was the main ingredient. But it’s not. The blintzes are primarly made with farmer’s cheese and eggs.

Ever the salt lover, I like to sprinkle some coarse salt on these blintzes before serving. It perks up their flavor and gives them a nice crunch.

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Chocolate babka

Seinfeld taught me this about chocolate babka: A chocolate version is better than cinnamon, so much so that one cannot possibly go to a party with a cinnamon babka when one knows that a chocolate babka, the better babka, will be present.

But even though I’ve seen this episode, one of my favorites, dozens of times, Jerry and Elaine left out one important fact: what is a babka, exactly? Is it a bread or a pie? A pastry with a flaky dough and a creamy filling? A layer cake with fluffy frosting?

I found out years later, when I wandered past a bakery in Grand Central Station that had a typewritten sign advertising its chocolate and cinnamon babkas. This was the first time I had ever come across a babka in real life. I snatched a chocolate loaf (yes, a loaf!), took it home, and immediately cut myself a slice.

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