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Strawberry, Lemon, and Rosemary Scones

This past Sunday, over breakfast with my family at Friendly’s, where my grandparents are regulars, my aunt asked me what foods the baby is craving. I had to think about that for a minute. I always tell Kenny that she likes Pitango Gelato, which isn’t entirely a lie. She has gone through a crazy kicking spell on at least two gelato-eating occasions.

But really I just can’t get enough of the gelato sorbets though, especially the chocolate noir, a deep, dark, creamy chocolate with tiny flecks of crunchy chocolate pieces, and the rotating fruit flavors like passion fruit and rhubarb.

Other than gelato though, I (she?) haven’t had outlandish or interesting cravings. Though lately, I have been wanting to eat a lot of scones.

It started on an evening last week when Kenny said his co-worker brought in homemade strawberry basil scones for breakfast. I never eat scones, but I was upset he didn’t save me one.

Then, over the weekend, I happened to catch two Food Network shows that featured scone recipes: the Pioneer Woman’s petite vanilla bean scones with vanilla icing and Paula Deen’s cream scones.

When the stars align…

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